Nourish Tea

Nourish Tea

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Caffeine Free Herbal Tea (Loose Leaf)

This refreshing brew is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals including a healthy dose of calcium and magnesium to support general well-being and healthy bone structure. This nutrient-dense combination of botanicals is a great way to start your day off in the right direction. Consider this your herbal multi-vitamin!

This tea blend is my favorite iced, so it’s great for hot summer days!

Suggested Use: 1 tsp of herb to each cup of water (8 oz.). Place herbs in a heat proof vessel and pour boiling water over herbs. Cover and let stand for 20 minutes or more for maximum benefit. Strain & enjoy! This tea is full of tonic herbs, so you cannot overdo it. Feel free to have several cups over the day or just one to start your morning off right.

Ingredients: Org. Raspberry Leaf, Org. Hibiscus Flower, Org. Nettles, Org. Chickweed, Org. Horsetail, Org. Dandelion Leaf, Org. Alfalfa Leaf, Org. Oatstraw

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