Embracing the Darkness

We recently passed the Autumn Equinox where night & day, light & dark, were equal. With this seasonal transition into the darker days, we begin to move our attention inwards. This is the time for reflection, soul-searching, resting, dreaming, and planning for what we want to invite into our lives when the light returns. 

A wise someone once said, “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.” There is a lesson in the trees. They seem to be gently nudging us to do a little introspection and inner work this season. 

I was one to never look forward to fall, mainly because that meant winter was right around the corner. I struggle to embrace the darker seasons and tend to favor the warmer, lighter months. Autumn is nature’s way of showing the beauty in death. In this magical time, as the leaves change colors and fall to the earth, this reminds us of the beauty of letting things go. To let the dead things go (or compost them, if you will) that no longer serve us enables us to reach our highest self. Not to mention opening up space to be happier and freer! 

There’s a slow, quiet beauty to these colder months. Maybe our best bet to living in harmony with the natural rhythms of the seasons is to not fight it? Let us slow down, say no to more obligations, simplify our lives, and declutter our homes (and minds). Let us truly live by and with the seasons. Let us eat seasonally appropriate foods like root vegetables, bone broth, hearty stews, and enjoy a glass of red wine or cup of tea. This is what our bodies yearn for at this time of year. Let us reconnect to our inner knowing and start deeply trusting our intuition. This slowing of time can be the most relaxing and beautiful experience. Spend the evening in candlelight or gathered around the fireplace, holding deep conversation and sharing stories. 

Fellow darkness-resisters, who will join me and learn to celebrate the changes of the seasons? Let us realign ourselves to autumn and winter. I vow to do my best to fully embrace these cold, dark months and not just leave the lights on and moan a lot.

What dead things will you let go of? How will you embrace the darkness? Please share and continue the conversation by leaving a comment below!

Lauren SimkoComment