Bitters Spritzer Recipe

I can't stop talking about our Cardamom & Fennel Digestive Bitters! Their health benefits are endless AND they are delicious! We have been sampling them in spritzer form at the local farmers’ markets as well as our latest adventure to Urban Outfitters’ Head Quarters (see pic below)!

URBN Market

URBN Market

Our Cardamom & Fennel Digestive Bitters are a great way to rev-up your digestive system! The bitter flavor helps to prime our digestion and let’s face it—our gut health is tied to everything! This flavor is very important to make sure our digestive system stays toned and active! Unfortunately, the American diet lacks the bitter flavor which denies our gut of what it needs to be happy & healthy! Here is a list of ways bitters work their magic~

•    Improves overall digestion
•    Relieves symptoms of over indulgence (including hangovers!)
•    Promotes glowing skin
•    Boosts digestive enzyme secretion & HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) production
•    Eases upset stomach, gas, & bloating
•    Eases heartburn, acid re-flux, & indigestion
•    Stimulates a gentle, daily, liver detox!

Phew! That is one tonic everyone could use! Now on to the fun, summer recipe that I'm sure you'll enjoy:



•    Arete’s Cardamom & Fennel Digestive Bitters
•    Tonic Water or Seltzer Water (or a combo!)
•    Ice cubes


That’s it! 3 simple ingredients. Pour Tonic Water, Seltzer Water or a combination of the two into a glass or pitcher. Add a few droppers full of the Cardamom & Fennel Digestive Bitters to taste. If you’re feeling a little bit wild, you can add a splash of your favorite alcohol! 


Cardamom & Fennel Digestive Bitters

Cardamom & Fennel Digestive Bitters

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